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Everything from resume writing and board positioning to landing speaking spots and kicking off PR campaigns. If it relates to your image and your brand, we get it done.

how do we
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We prod, challenge, analyze, and dive deep before we define, build and launch your brand. We ask you to think differently. To have the courage to step out of your comfort and into new and uncharted territories. It’s in this place, where the magic unfolds.


Collaborate, ignite, conquer. We uncover your strengths, values, and aspirations. This sets the stage for a captivating core message that demands attention.
Dive a little deeper?
Our executive coaches reveal hidden talents and unlock your untapped potential. Let’s raise the bar together.


We understand that powerful content is the lifeblood of your brand. It's what captivates, engages, and energizes your audience.
That's why we specialize in designing bespoke content plans that align with your goals and deliver tangible results.


Now that your brand is built, it's time to take it to the next level through an impactful and tailored Public Relations campaign.
Our bespoke PR service will connect you with your dream audience and engage valuable targets ina meaningful way.

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I have had the pleasure of working with the Elo team and I have recommended them to many colleagues in my network. They are seasoned and have terrific insights around social media branding, messaging, and presentation for board service or your next opportunity. I've been impressed with their responsiveness and the turnaround times for edits and updates.
I highly recommend Kate and the Elo team - you will not be disappointed!!

Theresa McDonnell

CEO | Board Member

I had the pleasure of working with Kate and her team at Elo Branding to help me prep for a job search. They were great with assisting me with revamping the format of my resume, creating an easy to digest bio, as well as evolving my LinkedIn presence. Elo were professional and timely as they were able to enhance the quality of all of these documents within a quick timeframe. They're ability to digest my experience and create appealing narratives about my background was also an element of their service that stood out.I would definitely recommend this group for anyone that's in the job market and/or looking to improve the quality of their professional branding.

Phil Irvine

Executive Los Angeles

I worked with Kate on the rebranding of my LinkedIn and application documents.Kate and the team at Elo were thorough and did a wonderful job.I would highly recommend using her for any of your branding needs.

Suzanne Stacey

Cyber Security
Executive Oklahoma

Kate and her team are amazing! She has a great information intake process, and her team transformed all of my data + ideas into beautiful products.She was easy to to work with and quick to deliver!I would highly recommend Kate to any professional.

Meg Vrabel

San Francisco

Are you a leader looking for someone creative and intelligent to help with your personal branding? Look no further - Kate Allinson is your answer.I had the privilege to work with Kate recently, she helped me update and refresh a resume I had not touched in 15+ years. In addition, she created an executive bio for me that proved to be one of the most impactful resources for me as I engaged with new opportunities.People have consistently complimented the formatting and design that Kate put together for me, and as a result I refer anyone looking for help in this area to Kate.Lastly, to say she "gets it" is an understatement. She is able to distill what matters most out of what can be a mundane document and make it boths interesting and relevant.

Anthony Crissie

Corporate Strategist

I was referred to Luke at Elo Branding by 3 people so it was an easy decision to use them to update my profile, resume and branding. After working with Luke and team I can say it was also the right decision. They were accessible, collaborative, timely, professional, knowledgeable and most surprisingly I enjoyed the entire process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to take the stress out of anything Elo Branding can help with.

Christian Horne

Executive Sales &
Strategy North Carolina

I was like a lost puppy prior to hiring Luke. Luke and his team really allowed me to show all that I do and not just the numbers.Their ability to extract the content of my career really helped paint a picture that I hadn't thought of.Most importantly current clients now have a much larger sense of the capabilities that come along with partnering with me.I can't thank Elo enough!

Charles Haggerty

Executive South Carolina

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to you and your staff!If you want your brand to elevate your career this is the company ELO Branding I highly recommend. Professional, Experienced, and highly Knowledgeable comprehensive branding team. I was like why did I need this and now I am how could have have elevated my career goals in to actuality. I am truly grateful and blessed for the opportunity for this group to do my brand! High Respected and I personally Recommend - true value for my money! The documentary of my career plus the organization of my job experience, technical knowledge, and background - C-Suite ready! Thank you for all of your assistance and support!

Ricky Oliver

Strategic Executive

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