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How to maximise your online footprint

Having an online presence isn’t just about staying in touch with your locker mate from high school anymore. Real business opportunities can arise from the right digital branding but the stakes are high. The right digital moves lead to new connections. The wrong moves can make you look foolish, or even hurt your standing in the business community.

Today we will look at the dos and don’ts of online branding, from optimizing your LinkedIn profile, to the importance of shaping your key messages so your branding stays relevant and reaches the right audiences.

Do: Establish a Presence

Needless to say, the world wide web isn’t just a fad. More than three billion people are active users of social media. If you can’t be found online you are missing out on a vast reservoir of potential connections and resources.

Do: Find your niche

With a lot of ‘noise’ online these days, it’s helpful if you have a niche audience, rather than producing content for every man and his dog. Find the type of people you want to share your messages with and keep them in mind when creating your content – this will ensure your presence is effective and efficient.