5 Winning Personality Traits Top Executives Practice

Whether you are applying for a new job, a board seat or a spot on the speaking circuit, showcasing your personality traits on paper and in person can be a big part of what gets you across the line, or not.

You may have the perfect professional experience on paper, however, the only way for an employer to assess your cultural fit is to get an understanding of your personality.

Here’s a list of executive-level personality traits you may want to consider sharing in your branding, and during an interview.

Vision & Grit to Make it Happen

A top executive can identify the bigger vision of the company and take ownership of the strategic direction to make it happen. Possessing grit and the ability to pivot with courage are qualities that should come through in your branding (your executive resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter/professional bio) and during the interview.


The one thing that sets great executives apart, is their ability to make decisions carefully, yet quickly. They don’t make decisions in a vacuum or believe their way is always best. Instead, leading executives’ welcome open dialogues, listen to multiple points of view, carefully assess, and then make the tough decisions for the business.

Self-confident, yet humble

The higher you go in the company, the more impact your decisions have. Leading executives must have the intellect and composure to assemble the best people by their side, so they can equip themselves with valid points of view and relevant information to make informed decisions.

Backbone with heart

Leading executives are a master of speaking their mind, without ruffling feathers. They have the backbone to say what they mean, even if it’s considered unpopular. But they add enough heart into the equation so they stay connected when the relationship is mired in conflict. 

The multitasker

Executives are rarely hired to perform a single function. Especially, if you’re looking into start-up companies or smaller businesses. You must show you are willing to roll your sleeves up when it’s necessary. Small businesses need executives who can not only tolerate chaos but thrive in it.

Showcasing your winning personality traits on paper can be just as important as highlighting them during the interview. That said, there is a fine line between impressing the reader and sounding egotistic. Choose your words carefully and get a close contact to read it and make sure you are coming across in the right way. 

If you’re struggling to find the right words, let us help. Our writers will let your personality traits shine and help put your best foot forward. 

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